The second seminar on evaluation and testing standards for advanced bipolar plates of fuel cell vehicles has been successfully held!



On October 8, 2023, the fuel cell vehicle bipolar The second seminar on advanced product evaluation and testing specifications was successfully held in Changshu, sponsored by the fuel cell vehicle demonstration application support office (hereinafter referred to as the "support office") and undertaken by Shanghai Zhizhen New Energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Zhizhen shares").
Liang Hongmei, deputy general manager of Changshu High-tech Zone Investment Promotion Development Co., Ltd., Hao Dong and Zhang Yanyi, heads of testing technology in the support office, Jiao Daokuan, deputy head of the bipolar plate evaluation working group, Liang Jinqiao, head of the technical policy research group, Lan Shuhuai, general manager of Zhizhen Co., Ltd., Du Xiangyong, deputy general manager, Hu Peng, director of research and development, etc. attended the meeting and delivered speeches, more than 40 representatives from 19 companies in the fields of fuel cell systems, stacks, and core components attended the seminar.


During the meeting, Deputy General Manager Liang Hongmei introduced the Changshu government's support for the hydrogen energy industry, clarified the development direction of the hydrogen energy industry, and further boosted the confidence of various enterprises in the development of the hydrogen energy industry, including terminology definitions, general requirements, technical requirements, test requirements, etc. At the meeting, representatives of working group members and industry experts fully discussed many suggestions collected in the first draft, and put forward professional suggestions and valuable opinions. At the end of the meeting, the person in charge of the support office gave a detailed explanation on the test specifications and further action plans of the seminar, at the same time, it makes relevant interpretations for the members of the working group on the industry situation, national policies and other issues of concern to enterprises.


After the seminar, the head of the support office, representatives of the working group members and industry experts visited Zhizhen's manufacturing base (Suzhou Zhizhen New Energy Equipment Co., Ltd.) and Changshu China Europe Hydrogen Energy Technology Innovation Center. Du Xiangyong, deputy general manager of Zhizhen's, gave a detailed explanation on the development process of the enterprise, the production line of fuel cell metal bipolar plates, the technical difficulties in the production process of polar plates, and the whole chain process of polar plate production. The China-Europe Hydrogen Energy Technology Innovation Center has built four innovation platforms, including the Hydrogen Energy Industry Research Center, the China-Europe Hydrogen Energy Exhibition Center, and the Suzhou Hydrogen Energy Industry Regulatory Big Data Platform, which have played an advantage in digital hydrogen energy, technological innovation, and international cooperation.
Zhizhen is a domestic metal bipolar plate manufacturing enterprise with an early start, large shipments and high market share, and the market share of the company's metal bipolar plate products has maintained its primary position for many years. Suzhou Zhizhen is a wholly-owned subsidiary invested and established by Zhizhen shares. Starting from 2022, it has built a metal bipolar plate engineering research center in Suzhou Zhizhen. During this period, it has won the honorary titles of high-tech enterprise, Suzhou fuel cell metal bipolar plate engineering technology research center and Suzhou intelligent workshop, realizing the rapid transformation from a mass production base to a comprehensive high-tech enterprise of R & D and manufacturing.




The development of hydrogen energy is an important measure to reform our national energy system and achieve the goal of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality. Whether in China or in the world, there is a high degree of unity in the certainty of hydrogen energy development. Under the guidance of the dual carbon target and national policies, China's hydrogen energy and fuel cell industry has developed rapidly. Now, under the leadership of China Automobile Center and with the active participation of friends in the industry, Zhizhen shares will continue to firmly promote the discussion of bipolar plate product evaluation and testing specifications, and jointly create a new era of fuel cell industry benefiting the country and the people, reducing carbon and environmental protection!