Zhizhen Group appears at CHFE2023!


On November 9, the 7th China (Foshan) International Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell Technology and Products Exhibition (CHFE2023) ended successfully at the Qiaoshan Cultural Center in Foshan, Guangdong. As a pioneer of China's hydrogen energy metal plates, Zhizhen shares were unveiled with the core components of hydrogen fuel cells and PEM electrolyzers. During the exhibition, Zhizhen shares booth attracted many well-known enterprises and institutions to visit and exchange, and received extensive attention from both inside and outside the industry!


With the theme of "Embracing the Green Hydrogen Era and Meeting the Zero Carbon Future", this exhibition covers hydrogen energy infrastructure, fuel cells, core components, materials, fuel cell vehicle manufacturing, industrial cooperation, as well as hydrogen production, storage, transportation, Hydrogen utilization, etc., covering the entire industrial chain of hydrogen energy and fuel cells. For a long time, Zhizhen shares are committed to hydrogen energy core components of the whole chain solution, production and sales of more than 3.5 million, market share for many years to maintain the industry benchmark enterprises, in order to help the country to achieve the "3060 double carbon strategic goal", continue to contribute!
Zhizhen Co., Ltd. has now introduced metal bipolar plate products that can support up to 300kW grade stacks. The thinnest substrate thickness can reach 0.075mm. It has been applied in various hydrogen energy vehicles. The market share of metal bipolar plates exceeds 65%, and the metal bipolar scooter stacks have passed the durability test and evaluation under vehicle working conditions for 15000 hours.
In terms of hydrogen production by electrolysis of water, Zhizhen Co., Ltd. has developed the first generation of metal stamping plate for PEM electrolyzer-EC500, initially forming the research and development and manufacturing capability of 250kW PEM electrolyzer metal plate and related products, gradually expanding the products and services to the field of hydrogen production by electrolysis of water. In the design and development of composite titanium felt, a MPL layer was prepared on the traditional bottom felt, the performance of conventional domestic titanium felt can be benchmarked against the level of imported titanium felt, greatly improving its cost performance.
In terms of coating, Zhizhen shares have completed the independent development of non-precious metal coating, and overcome its batch preparation process, equipment problems, the relevant performance of the coating has been in a number of mainstream metal reactor customers on a variety of plate type to complete durability verification, to solve the bottleneck problem of metal bipolar plate coating material cost.



Zhizhen shares will adhere to the concept of "governance in fine expertise and perfection", provide customers with better services through open cooperation, independently developed core technology and industrialized manufacturing capacity, and continue to promote in-depth exchanges and high-quality development of the international and domestic hydrogen energy and fuel cell vehicle industries.