Zhizhen Group focuses on hydrogen production end plate business - Xinjiang Oilfield Company Engineering Technology Company's electrode project delivery and departure


On July 19, the PEM electrolyzer project of Xinjiang Oilfield Company Engineering Technology Company was officially delivered and started. Shanghai Zhizhen New Energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zhizhen Co., Ltd.) held the project delivery ceremony together with Shanghai Jiaotong University Hydrogen Science Center and Shanghai Hydrogen Hongxin Energy Technology Co., Ltd. as the core participating units. Professor Deng Tao and Professor Wu Jianbo of Shanghai Jiaotong University Hydrogen Science Center, dr. Lan Shuhuai, General Manager of Zhizhen, Dr. Hu Peng, Director of Research and Development, and representatives of employees of various units attended the departure ceremony.


General Manager Lan Shuhuai and Dr. Hu Peng introduced the characteristics and market layout of PEM electrolyzer plate products of Zhizhen shares, Zhizhen shares based on the first fuel cell metal plate technology and manufacturing capacity, power PEM electrolytic water hydrogen production field. As one of the few domestic enterprises that can provide PEM electrolytic cell metal stamping plate, Zhizhen shares have independently mastered the plate design, mold design and manufacturing, stamping, coating, sealing and other key technologies and processes of the whole chain. The Xinjiang Oilfield PEM electrolyzer demonstration project shipped this time, the whole pile of metal stamping plates developed and manufactured by Zhizhen shares, compared with traditional metal plates, under the premise of ensuring the same performance, to achieve a significant reduction in cost and weight.
The PEM electrolyzer metal plate produced by Zhizhen Co., Ltd. uses industrial grade titanium alloy as the main material, and uses stamping process instead of traditional machining or etching process. The material consumption is greatly reduced by 75%, which greatly reduces the cost of the plate and the volume and weight of the electrolyzer, and provides strong support for the industrialization of PEM electrolyzer.
At present, Zhizhen shares in the PEM electrolytic cell metal plate has two main products:



① EC500PEM electrolytic cell metal plate, this product can support the assembly of 50 standard electrolytic cell;
② EC1500PEM electrolytic cell metal plate, this product can support about 200 standard electrolytic cell assembly
The delivery of the metal plate products of the EC500 electrolytic cell of Zhizhen shares marks the significant progress of the company's demonstration application in the field of hydrogen production; in the future, Zhizhen shares will continue to shape the development advantages of the hydrogen energy industry driven by technological innovation; and continuously expand the incremental space of the hydrogen energy industry by reducing costs and increasing efficiency.