Zhizhen Group won the "Excellent Supplier of 2022" from Dongfeng Motor Technology Center


On April 3, 2023, the supplier conference with the theme of "breakthrough transformation and cohesion" was held in the technology center of Dongfeng company. With the goal of creating a "source of original technology" and responding to the call of SASAC to be the "chain length of the industrial chain", the meeting aims to unite supplier partners, complement each other's advantages, win-win cooperation, and better serve the "3 1 N" customer group. The meeting adopted a combination of offline and online, and more than 400 suppliers and customer representatives attended the meeting.


As a long-term partner of Dongfeng Motor Technology Center, Zhizhen shares are honored to be invited to attend and won the "2022 Outstanding Supplier-Service Support Award". Zhizhen adheres to customer-centered, provides all-round full-chain solutions around metal bipolar plate products, and provides one-stop service for customers.


On the afternoon of that day, Du Xiangyong, deputy general manager of Zhizhen Co., Ltd., made a clean promise speech at the conference as a supplier representative. As a partner of Dongfeng Company's Technology Center, Zhizhen shares have always regarded honesty and self-discipline as the basic principle, moral bottom line and cultural symbol of the enterprise. Like other enterprises in the industry, Zhizhen shares strictly regulate its own code of conduct and establish a set of relevant integrity systems, which are designed to ensure that the company always abides by national laws, regulations and ethics in the course of operation. Interpret our adherence and commitment to integrity and self-discipline with practical actions.


"18 years of sharpening a sword", Zhizhen Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the metal plate business since its establishment. It has independently mastered the full chain solution of metal plate configuration design, ultra-thin plate high-precision forming, high-precision connection, composite nano-coating and high-reliability packaging, etc., and has taken the lead in forming a large-scale mass production capacity of 3.5 million fuel cell metal plates per year in China, has accumulated production and sales of more than 3 million metal plates.
The past year has been a year for Zhizhen shares and Dongfeng Automobile Technology Center to deepen cooperation and create a win-win situation. In 2023, Zhizhen shares will continue to work hard and give full play to the advantages of technology, scale, and talents to jointly respond to the new situation and new challenges. Enhance market competitiveness and industry competitiveness, and establish a model of in-depth industry cooperation.