Good News | Warmly Congratulate Suzhou Zhizhen Laboratory on Obtaining CNAS Laboratory Accreditation!


The laboratory of Suzhou Zhizhen New Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Suzhou Zhizhen) officially passed the on-site evaluation, investigation and examination of China National Accreditation Committee for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) and obtained the laboratory accreditation certificate (registration number: CNAS L19823) on December 27, 2023, which indicates that Suzhou Zhizhen Laboratory has established a laboratory management system conforming to international standards and has the ability to carry out project testing according to international accreditation standards, an authoritative report with industry credibility can be issued.


The laboratory center of Suzhou zhizhen new energy co., ltd. was established and put into use in June 2021. it has more than 35 sets of fuel cell bipolar plate and electrolyzer testing equipment, mainly including hexicon coordinate, hexicon projector, Japan kearns laser profiler, Japan Hitachi x-ray film thickness meter, multi-channel electrochemical workstation, bipolar plate contact resistance meter, airtight detector, high and low temperature test chamber, etc.
The company through the CNAS laboratory accreditation, indicating that the company's laboratory has a mature fuel cell bipolar plate and electrolytic cell business testing capabilities, to reach the domestic first level. The laboratory will uphold the basic working principles of fairness and confidentiality, high standards and strict requirements, scientifically use testing methods, strictly implement operating standards, accurately test and analyze, and obtain real experimental data to help my country's hydrogen energy and fuel cell industry take off.