Independent technological innovation of metal plates, and the production line of Zhizhen New Energy is put into operation in Changshu



On March 28, 2021, the commissioning ceremony of Shanghai Zhizhen New Energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai Zhizhen") with an annual output of 10 million pieces of metal polar plates was held in Changshu High-tech Zone.
Shanghai Zhizhen New Energy Co., Ltd. metal plate independent core technology from Shanghai Lingang radiation to the Yangtze River Delta, set up a wholly-owned subsidiary Suzhou Zhizhen New Energy Equipment Co., Ltd., the establishment of Changshu manufacturing base. The new base is expected to have a total investment of 0.26 billion yuan, a total planned output value of 1 billion yuan, and covers an area of 50 acres. It is mainly engaged in the large-scale production and manufacturing of metal plates for automotive hydrogen fuel cells.

The first metal unipolar plate of the new production line is offline.

Shanghai Zhizhen is headquartered in Shanghai Lingang new area, is a domestic professional hydrogen fuel cell metal plate research and development and manufacturing of national high-tech enterprises. The company was established in 2016, won the first prize of China Automotive Industry Technology Invention Award and the special prize of Shanghai Science and Technology Award, and passed the IATF16949 and ISO9001 system certification of metal plate design and manufacturing enterprises.

Leaders and Experts Visit Zhizhen New Production Line

Shanghai Zhizhen's core technology originated from Shanghai Jiaotong University. After 16 years of intensive research and innovation, it has completely independent knowledge in polar plate configuration design, ultra-thin plate precision forming and high-speed laser welding, high-performance composite nano-coating and integrated sealing. The key core technology of property rights has reached the international excellent level of metal plate design and manufacturing capabilities. By the end of 19, Shanghai Zhizhen had applied for more than 70 patents, covering all aspects of metal bipolar plates from research and development to finished products. So far, Shanghai Zhizhen's cooperative customers include all domestic mainstream metal plate reactor manufacturers and main engine factories, such as SAIC Jet Hydrogen, New Source Power, Unpotential Energy, Shanghai Hydrogen Morning, etc.

Mayor Jiao Yafei delivered a speech

Jiao Yafei, deputy secretary of the Changshu Municipal CPC Committee and mayor of the Changshu Municipal people's Government, said that hydrogen energy is a "new trend" in energy utilization, and the hydrogen energy industry is a "new blue ocean" for the development of emerging industries ". The completion and operation of the Changshu base of Zhizhen Company will certainly help the company to open up a larger market and achieve greater development, and will also help Changshu hydrogen energy industry to further improve the quality, further optimize the industrial structure and further improve the industrial layout.

Academician Lin Zhongqin delivered a speech

At the commissioning ceremony on the same day, Academician Lin Zhongqin, president of Shanghai Jiaotong University, said that Shanghai Zhizhen has grown into a leader in the world's metal plate industry. the commissioning of the new production line marks that China's hydrogen fuel cell vehicle industry has entered a period of large-scale demonstration and application from the research and development stage, and Zhizhen Company will accept the new test of the market.