Sichuan Province: hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, high-speed free!


On April 17, the Sichuan Provincial Department of Economics and Information Technology issued the "Action Plan for Further Promoting the Development and Promotion and Application of the Whole Hydrogen Energy Industry Chain in Sichuan Province (2024-2027) (Draft for Comment)". The action plan pointed out that to expand the demonstration application of hydrogen energy in rail transit, low-altitude aircraft, ships, aerospace and other fields, and build a hydrogen energy transportation application network. We will continue to promote the quality and expansion of the "Chengdu-Chongqing Hydrogen Corridor" and build green hydrogen roads in batches, such as "Sichuan-Tibet Line", "Chengdemeizi Metropolitan Area", "Panxi Yacheng", "Chengde Mianguang", "Chengzi Zilu" and "Chengsui Nanda. Support cities (prefectures) to carry out large-scale demonstration applications of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, and give priority to the purchase and use of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in the fields of logistics transportation, concrete transportation, muck transportation, urban sanitation, mine transportation, and intercity passenger transportation. Relax restrictions on the passage of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in urban areas throughout the province. For the installation of hydrogen energy vehicles equipped with ETC, highway tolls are exempted in our province.