Guangdong: Support the development of hydrogen energy industry in 12 major cities, such as Guangshen, Buddha, Guanhui, and so on, to form a hydrogen energy industry cluster.


On February 20, the official website of the Guangdong Development and Reform Commission released the Action Plan for Cultivating and Developing Future Green and Low-Carbon Industrial Clusters in Guangdong Province. In terms of hydrogen energy, the action plan said: focus on promoting hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, and expand the application of hydrogen, methanol, and ammonia fuels in automobiles, shipping and other transportation fields. Focus on the research and development of hydrogen energy core technology and advanced equipment manufacturing, accelerate the cultivation of hydrogen storage, transportation, filling, as well as hydrogen fuel cell equipment manufacturing, low-carbon and zero-carbon industrial applications of the "production, storage and transportation" of the whole industry chain, fully tap methanol and ammonia in the electric power, transportation, building materials, chemical industry and other fields of application scenarios. Develop hydrogen storage and transportation technologies and equipment such as hydrogen cylinders for high-pressure gaseous transportation, low-energy liquid hydrogen, pipeline hydrogen transportation, solid-state hydrogen storage, and organic solution hydrogen storage. Promote the high-quality development of hydrogen energy industry in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan, Dongguan, Zhongshan, Yunfu, Chaozhou and other regions, support Maoming, Huizhou, Zhanjiang, Jiangmen, Jieyang and other regions to develop hydrogen energy industries featuring hydrogen energy storage and transportation and equipment manufacturing, and cultivate hydrogen energy industry clusters with misplaced competition and characteristic development. Specific as follows: